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Welcome to the Oklahoma State Council of Mineralogical Societies

Oklahoma State Council of Mineralogical Societies 

 Our goal here is, and always has been, to serve the various member clubs without imposing rules or regulations, maintain a calendar of events to avoid conflicts with member clubs activities, regional, and national shows, to award scholarships to college students in the Earth Sciences curriculum, and to offer assistance to the member clubs when they need help. If you are a member of one of the ten clubs presently incorporated in Oklahoma and NW Arkansas, you are automatically a member of the O.S.C.M.S. through your club affiliation. The Council is incorporated in Oklahoma as a non-profit 501-C3 organization, and is a member in good standing of the Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies and operates within the territory represented by the Oklahoma State Director. Member: American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

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American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Virgil G RIchards - Oklahoma State Director, RMFMS

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Virgil G Richards

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President: Dave Leninger

Vice President: Julia Allende

Secretary-Treasurer: Joe Bunch


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Scholarships - $1000 Scholarship Awarded 2012

Dr Tapp at the University of Tulsa has selected Becca Bratcher as the recipient of the scholarships from the Tulsa Rock & Mineral Society and the Oklahoma State Council of Mineralogical Societies.  The message below is from Becca; at the time she wrote this she only knew of the TRMS Scholarship.

Becca Bratcher <becca-bratcher@utulsa.edu>
Hi! Thank you so much for this award!! I really appreciate it, and am very honored to receive it. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to this email. I've been out of town for the last month, and haven't had much time to sit down and look at my emails. I'm on the rowing team, so I most likely will have practice on Monday, September 10th. Once school starts and we start practicing, I will talk to my coaches and let you know if I will be able to attend the meeting.


As for a short biography: I am a junior geoscience major. I went to Liberty High School in Frisco, TX, where I took an earth science class my senior year. My teacher, Mr. Marshall had a geoscience degree and was so passionate and knowledgeable about the subject that it inspired me to choose to a geoscience major in college. I haven't picked a specific concentration yet, but it has always been plate tectonics, volcanoes, and earthquakes that most interested me. As of right now, post graduation is still unclear. Graduate school is probably where I will end up, but I'll just have to wait and see where life takes me. This summer I participated in the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge, working with geochemistry professor Dr. Formolo and geochemisty graduate student Clair Astore. I helped Claire in the lab with her Masters Degree project, which involved characterizing dissolved organic matter in water from gas wells from the Antrim Shale in Michigan. At the University of Tulsa I am also involved in my sorority, Kappa Delta, and I am on the Women's Rowing Team. 

Thanks again,
Becca Bratcher

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